by Immortal Bird

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Ethan Michel
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Ethan Michel I can't stop listening to this band! Release more music please!
The vocals are some of the best I've heard. Favorite track: And Send Fire.
Carl Trautwein
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Carl Trautwein Finally pulled the trigger on this to help out with their current dealings with thieving scumbags. Some quality powerful and vicious music. At this point, if Rae is in it, I know it's gonna be killer. Favorite track: Saprophyte.
Brother Macabre
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Brother Macabre I discovered Immortal Bird entirely by accident (which is always the best way to discover things) at a very dark point in my life. I've been a metal head since I was old enough to have taste in music but the sound and the lyrics really resonated with me. I ordered the CD immidietely when I read other comments saying this was to be the last pressing of the physical version. I was especially thrilled to see that my copy included a short personalized thank you note signed by the vocalist, who could honestly, I believe, shear steel with her voice alone. Immortal Bird is a unique creature among a morass of same-y "me too" metal bands that have been getting churned out like clockwork the past several years and while possessed of a sound both melancholic and savage, this album also helped remind me that I'm not alone in feeling the way I sometimes do. Highest reccomendation! Favorite track: And Send Fire.
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    Due to popular(?) demand, we've done ONE LAST pressing of Empress/Abscess on CD. Thank you all so much for the support, the fact that we've sold out of two pressings is kind of incredible!

    EDIT: We were robbed of our remaining CDs in Brooklyn on Feb 22nd, 2017 and we have obviously done another pressing to fulfill existing orders placed while we were on tour, as well as additional copies to make up for what we lost. Hooray! CDs are in stock again.

    Empress/Abscess' is the 31-minute debut full-length from Immortal Bird. Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves in Queens, NY. Artwork by Kikyz 1313, layout by Meg Dolan.

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'Empress/Abscess' is the 31-minute debut full-length from Immortal Bird. Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL and mixed/mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves in Queens, NY. Artwork by Kikyz 1313, layout by Meg Dolan.


released July 14, 2015

All songs written by Rae Amitay and Evan Berry

Rae Amitay: Vocals, Lyrics
Evan Berry: Guitars
John Picillo: Bass
Garry Naples: Drums

Additional Fire on "And Send Fire" by Colin Marston



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Immortal Bird Chicago, Illinois

Vicious music.

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Track Name: Neoplastic
Ignore all your instincts
Embrace utter hubris
I can’t control this situation
Add it to the list of things you despise
Including my inability to empathize

It seems that we’ve reached an impasse
A rock and a hard place
I’ll choose the latter
I was born there

Arterial brillance
Splurting like liquid gold

We are intertwined
Like a vital artery
Wrapped around a tumor

Shuddering wet
In darkened soil

With all these questions you’ve been posing
My response is cold silence
Stop complaining
Sick decline
Track Name: Saprophyte
My tongue aches
Heavy with echoes
Slick with apathetic drippings
I could force a sound

Push words through my teeth
Watch them flutter like wounded insects
Only to sprawl twitching on the ground

They will not survive
We cannot survive
And in my death throes
With my dying gasp
You will misunderstand

Weakening my impact
Bludgeoning resilience
I offered tender flesh
You brought your heavy hands

Occupy my time
Hollow out my bones till they crumble
Scraped too thin
Marrow dribbling from your mouth

We are all museums of flesh and fear
Exhibits of failure and false light

She is an abscess
Masquerading as an empress
A sparrow passing for an ibis

A sacrifice of bruised skin
Draped in silk
Damp with stomach acid
And foreign sweat

Nails cutting into palms
Ripping trails down your neck
Jagged map of no man’s land
Where I’d fear to tread

The journey is a lie
There is nowhere left but further down.
Track Name: The Sycophant
What I wouldn’t give to tread over Apollonian lines
Leave them whispers of dust amidst Dionysian laughter
Your discomfort alone would make it so worthwhile
As you petition blindly to a sickened choir
I will fashion the blade to help you spite your face

You are entirely misguided
You are so goddamn malignant
What is it that you want?
I wish to end your sad whimpering with a bang

You are an altogether new kind of trigger warning
I wouldn’t cast on anyone
You invented the art of jumping the gun

A mass of pleading fat and bone
Lacking muscles and a spine
You must have consumed your twin in the womb
Didn’t you?
How impressive.
Track Name: To A Watery Grave
Mistakes I’ve made
Traced in blood through fresh snow
Carving paths of decay
Senseless repetition

If these myopic eyes won’t cease their endless wandering
Then I will pluck them out
Feast on the spoils of treachery

My victimless crimes
For all our heroes were wrong

My lack of impulse control and wealth of festering need
Had left us chained to each other
Dashed on the rocks
Disgraced by the sea

All of our heroes were wrong
Face me

I’ve wasted years with invertebrates
Railed against reason
Akratic atrophy

The idea of redemption is insulting
But you know that
Track Name: And Send Fire
I struggle to abide
Time gnaws at my neck
Shudders down my crooked spine

Traces circles with her acid tongue
You are the weight I carry in my lungs
Drawing in air
Coughing up crimson dust

There is dirt under my nails and blood in my teeth
Every day when I wake is a fight from the grave
Buried alive by ghosts each night
Beaten awake by the sunlight

I am glad there is no eternity
I sleep in the hope that shadows will find me
All I want is quiet
A place to wait it out
Until the demise of the earth in volcanic ash
Or blankets of ice

Burn it all down.